Organizing Your Electronic Calendar

Keeping appointments and deadlines in a calendar is essential. Without one (unless you have a fabulous memory) things can go bad quickly! Unfortunately, many people still struggle with electronic calendar set up. This is how it usually happens: I was one of these people until I decided it was time to consolidate everything in one place. If there is resistance… Continue reading Organizing Your Electronic Calendar

You Don’t Have to Do it All! How to Delegate Effectively

Optimize your time by utilizing the help of others. Do you ever say “I just can’t get it all done? I need help!” Then, immediately afterward, say, “But I don’t think there’s anybody who will understand my work, take it as seriously as I do, and do a really great job.” As a result, nothing… Continue reading You Don’t Have to Do it All! How to Delegate Effectively

Be Your Own Detective

Adjust outdated processes as your business evolves. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you have many processes and procedures in place, not to mention lots of marketing platforms in public view. Over time, it’s easy to look at them, without really seeing them. That can be a problem, particularly as your business evolves. With that in mind, here… Continue reading Be Your Own Detective